A little bit of Jazz styling in my first collaborative music video!

My first effort making a music video with some friends from ASU was a real and complete blast. We filmed the bulk of the footage with the lovely “saxxy,” Sparkle Nesby in one night. Then I finished the remaining time lapses by the end of the week. It was a relaxed set yet we went right down to business setting up shots, lights, and the first take. It was quite enjoyable. A week later my friend and video director, Michael Dazen and I got together and he showed me how to organize and edit the footage in Final Cut Pro 10. Turns out the new FCP 10 is quite similar to iMovie in its interface (more robust of course). I was already familiar with iMovie so it made the transition a smooth one. He showed me a useful way to organize footage into folders like,  raw footagerough cuts, and final cuts that I find helpful still today.

Without further ado please enjoy the final cut.

“Get Ready” performed by Sparkle Nesby

Sparkle Nesby – Get Ready from Michael Dazen on Vimeo.

Music Video of Sparkle Nesby performing Get Ready, off of her smooth jazz album “Thinking of You”.
Directed by Michael Dazen
Camera assisted by Alexander D Chapin and Danielle A Deutsch


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