Portrait by Red Bottle Brush Tree in Tempe, Arizona

Portrait by Red Bottle Brush Tree in Tempe, Arizona / Photographed by: Sparkle Nesby

Good day! My name is Danielle Deutsch.

I created this blog four years ago out of a passion for photography and writing. Some of my favorite topics include, art, photography, video, and calligraphy. I became interested in photography in a middle school elective and in high school where I took my first darkroom and digital photography classes, respectively. My passion developed in college studying at Arizona State University. I was enamored again with black and white photography in the darkroom before we further progressed into advanced color and digital processes. In spring of 2010 I won first place in the first ever college-wide photography competition at ASU. Later, I earned my bachelor in fine arts degree on December 16, 2010. I shared both happy and nervous feelings the whole day. It meant the end of being in school where I spent most of my life and entering into the real world.

The transition to the real world has been anything but predictable. Fortunately I have been able to create various opportunities working on set with local filmmakers learning and practicing my craft. In 2013 I photographed on set of three local films, one senior capstone and two independent films in Phoenix. Additionally I expanded my practice to shooting video in a local film as well as a music video and learning how to edit clips into a short cohesive piece. I feel blessed with every opportunity that has come and wish to thank my mom, dad, family and friends who have and continue to be supportive in what I do.

Still photography is my first passion and in 2014 I have already set out to photograph 365 days (mostly portraits).

Other Fun Facts about Danielle

  • Some of my other favorite things include, running, biking, cooking, and fitness.
  • I love to cook and create healthy dishes.
  • If I’m not running I am probably on my bike riding and discovering new places.
  • The first race I completed was a 15K run (9.3 miles) in 2008.
  • I completed my first full marathon (26.2 miles) on January 19, 2014!
  • I am currently training for my second full marathon this coming June in San Diego.

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